DeepPiXEL, a pioneer in cognitive AI technology, is unlocking “The new world of work”

deepPiXEL helps you to automate your customer support conversations through conversation AI systems that learn from the conversations between your agents and your customers. At its core, we have built the next generation technology, which gives us more control and accuracy. Our technology allows the company to collect data on customer chat interaction and use that data to train, target messages and improve the system, and if the system is unsure of the answer to a question, it is able to pass the question to a customer service agent. We want to provide fast and accurate automated responses to your customers' questions while lowering the number of support tickets and the cost of running the support team.

DeepPiXEL integrates with existing helpdesk solutions like Zendesk, Liveperson, Salesforce, as well as support channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging, Web forms and chat.

DeepPiXEL is partnered with and supported by the Creative Destruction Lab, Founder Institute, the IBM innovation lab, University of Toronto (Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab), Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Ontario Centers of Excellence and MaRs Innovation. DeepPiXEL is on a mission to help our customers (ranging from small startups to large conglomerates) to enter into the new era of cognitive computing, enabling them to provide a better, more personal service to millions of customers and employees.



Giri Amarakone

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Giri has set his sight on democratizing customer service with the founding of deepPiXEL. Giri is a seasoned tech start-up engineer, former Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Giri is an active speaker in the Toronto startup community and regularly speeks on topics such as AI. Prior to founding deepPiXEL, Giri led high growth organizations at companies like Nvidia, MediaTek and Qualcomm(former ATI). Giri holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada. In his spare time, Giri coaches children soccer teams and did aspire to become a professional soccer player but is a realist.


Dennis Chan

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Dennis is the architect of deepPiXEL's innovative Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine that is powered by the latest in deep learning research. Dennis brings more than two decades of experience in the tech industry as a CTO, engineer and business consultant. Prior to deepPiXEL, for more than ten years, Dennis led software teams to design, implement and test software solutions for high speed network equipment at companies like Analog Devices and MediaLight which was acquired by Analog Devices in 1997. In his spare time, Dennis enjoys salsa and ballroom dancing, and he is a regular speaker in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence related panels, conferences and meetups. Dennis holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.


Mashaal Memon

VP, Engineering

Mashaal is responsible for taking findings from the deepPiXEL deep learning skunkworks and productizing them. Mashaal brings nearly two decades of software engineering and business experience serving in not only technical roles, but sales, operations, people and project management roles as well. Prior to deepPiXEL, Mashaal headed a civil engineering firm for four years, leading it to acquisition. He also spent the better part of a decade as an early employee of The Capris Group, selling, architecting and deploying scalable web/mobile applications and hosting solutions for Fortune 500 companies, before its final acquisition by Centrilogic. When Mashaal is not working on the product, he is an avid sport driving enthusiast. Mashaal holds an M.Sc. in Software Engineering from Simon Fraser University, Canada.


Michael Mooradian

Advisor and Director

Michael brings over 20 years experience in founding and leading organizations in the semiconductor industry, building brands and developing global businesses to take companies to next level in sales and mindshare. Over his tenure, he has founded numerous high tech startups including Equiphon and MediaLight. Michael was awarded as an advisor to Bill Gates on X.32 and Inventor-Licensor of Microsoft’s Original DOS Error-Free Communications Software and is a frequent speaker in technology inventor-innovate related topics. Michael holds a BS in Computer Science from York University, Toronto.


Mario Grech


Mario is Co-founder and partner of Investment Initiatives, an investor group that provides extensive tech startup mentorship and funding for early-stage Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) disruptive innovations from top universities in close partnership with industry partners.

The deepPiXEL management team works tirelessly to help our company to scale, grow, and succeed. Our mission is to bring an absolutely new and unique experience to how businesses interact with their customers and employees. We employ a myriad of talent and apply them into our one-of-a-kind AI solution for contact centers.