Millions of messages automated.

Over 50% Reduction in response times

Almost 80% Conversations boosted by AI

100% Always-on insights into your customers and Agents

High performance even from your newest employees

CARA Agent Assist

  • Real-time Playbooks to your reps by AI
  • Integrates with your existing contact center software
  • System learns from your "A players", chat logs and FAQs
  • Take your business processes flows and automate them
  • Seamlessly Allow Human & AI BOTs to work together
  • Intelligent Digital Agent


    • Support 24/7 using AI instead of humans
    • Allow the system improve over time with reinforcement
    • Hand over to live agents for follow-up
    • Qualify and screen questions before engaging humans
    • Get up and running quickly with little to no custom work
    • Automate repetive tasks using our intelligent BOTs


    Get Intimate

    Brands and corporations with contact centers can now easily and cost effectively engage their audiences using automated chat.

    Scale on Demand

    Spikes in user queries can be smoothly handled by our automated engine and the system can queue complex queries/questions to human agents.

    Engage Effectively

    Companies can now engage with users individually by customizing answers and products to them in a extremely cost effective manner.

    Improve Efficiency

    The system enables contact centers to identify end user value and context before engaging valuable human sales and support staff.

    How Do We Do It?

    Custom AI

    100% Custom Built Natural Language Processing Engine based on latest vector technology

    Secure your data

    Our in-house engine keeps your data secured and contained within our AI based chat system.


    We can power conversations in any channel of your choice from Facebook to SMS or even voice.

    Highly Accurate

    Custom Models, Ensemble scoring with multiple algorithms allows for greater accuracy while maintaining industry leading speed.


    • Creative Destruction Lab
    • Microsoft
    • Google
    • NVIDIA
    • IBM
    • Communitech
    • MarS
    • U of T University of Toronto


    Let us show you the latest in AI.

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    Toronto, On M3A 1C1

    647-792-7038 (fax)



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